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today papa john’s called my starbucks and they were like “are u guys interested in a trade” and five frappuccinos later they gave us two large pizzas and a large order of cheesy bread

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Sometimes the stars align and the timing works out perfectly, and so many lucky things happen all at once, and the most wonderfully improbable thing comes together and it’s a dream come true. This is the story of how I saw Chris Colfer filming a song for Glee.

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What did Lea Michele sing for her Glee audition and will it be in episode 5.20?


Oh. I could see that happening. Those lyrics are ridiculously fitting.

On my own
Pretending he’s beside me
All alone
I walk with him till morning
Without him
I feel his arms around me
And when I lose my way I close my eyes
And he has found me

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  • #no i've been speccing this for months now that they would reuse this song at some point because looK AT HOW MUCH IT HURTS
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Thoughts about Kurt and Blaine in 5x16



Blaine Anderson is not okay.

We have been down this road with him before; he self-sabotages. And it is not pretty, and the way he goes about it is so hydra-headed that it’s difficult to get a handle on. But it is predictable. And there are warning flags before it happens…but though he knows something’s up, Kurt just doesn’t seem to really get those warning signs.

They speak such divergent love languages that it feels like they really need a translator sometimes. Kurt just seems to believe, even after all this time, that hugging Blaine and assuring him of Kurt’s love is all he needs. He just wants to find a way to inoculate Blaine against self-doubt, but he doesn’t see how he contributes to it.

And I don’t mean that Kurt getting stronger or more masculine somehow erodes Blaine’s self-image. Ick! I mean that he inadvertently takes away Blaine’s means of showing love.

So (and this may be way off), when we see Blaine making Kurt his Sunday breakfast in bed, my first thought was, “Oh, look, they communicated, and found a way to set boundaries, so Blaine can still do this service but not everyday, and Kurt can have his alone time, and…” But then, if they negotiated that Sunday breakfast in bed, why is Kurt out of bed and doing his morning exercise routine? That is one way to read Blaine’s dismay on finding Kurt doing pushups—that Kurt is rejecting this overture from Blaine..

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So much Oh moments in this post. Brittany and the cheetos, of course - that was Brittany at her most lost.

I love how this talks about both Kurt and Blaine seeing the manifestations of their problems (Kurt seeing Blaine eating too much, Blaine seeing Kurt being too strict with himself), but neither knowing 1) how to help the other 2) what those problems mean, where they came from. Because the thing we keep circling around isn’t disordered eating or space/lack thereof. It’s why we are where we are, why we keep coming back that place. (Core wounds. It was so jarring to hear those words come out of Blaine’s mouth in Puppet Master. I’ve always had the feeling - and never more than after that scene - that he was in therapy once upon a time, and either stopped too soon or had a therapist who was so charmed by him that they didn’t manage to get through.)

Really, all of this is fucking spot on.

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My Note From Darren!!!


I also thought some people might like to see what I got in the mail! It was the cutest note and letter I have ever received. I cried so much and was so grateful! When he told me to “Be strong!” in it, it hit me right in the heart. I felt special and really really loved, and I felt Darren really understood me and wanted to hear my story. Thanks, Dare, for doing this! It meant so much!!image

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